What is your favorite go-to console/game when you get home?


We’ve all been there, or we’re all STILL there. I know I’m guilty of it. We have long days at work/school, and all we can think about is coming home and taking a nap. While I’m at work, nothing sounds better. Until that moment when you get home, and your console is staring at you in the face. Gets me every time.


When I get home, I am usually drawn in by Destiny. I think to myself, “Okay just get the bounties done, then you can take a nap.” That’s not how it happens. It’s like eating a potato chip. You can’t have just one. Bounties lead to intense Crucible matches. Crucible matches lead to more and more matches. At this point, you can say Bye to your nap. Completed bounties lead to other games. Other games lead to other quests. By time your done you have no time for a nap. I may hop on Steam, see if there are any good sales, see who’s online, and go from there.

So what is your go-to console and game when you get home? What keeps you from taking those glorious naps you dream about all day?

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